Project Result 1: GROWTH Mindset Best Practices Report

In order to find out what exactly are complicating factors in spreading and teaching growth mindset principles in Europe, the Growth game project consortium carried out research on relevant growth mindset interventions applied in partners countries and interviews with children and teenagers aged 10-15, teachers, parents and youth work professionals. You can access the GROWTH GAME Best Practices Report in different languages below:

Project Result 2: The Growth Game – Digital game unlocking a Wellbeing Power upĀ 

The GROWTH Game* will include a selection of GROWTH Mindset exercises. It will allow teachers and students to implement them in the classroom with clear directions and learning objectives. The GROWTH Game App generates sets of exercises based on the preferences of teachers during their preparation for teaching sessions.

*The Game is currently under development. Stay tuned for more information and updates!

Project Result 3: User Guide – Guidelines for teachers and parents to implement the Growth Game

The GROWTH Game user Guide is addressed to teachers and parents who wish to implement activities included in the GROWTH Game App. It describes the objectives of the GROWTH Game, skills to be developed and contains instructions for implementing it in the context of play sessions with students.

Project Result 4: Assessment Method

The GROWTH GAME Assessment Method enables teachers to assess the achievement of learning outcomes of each GROWTH Game play session.