We all know that one person who is praised for being immensely talented or gifted. It is a well-known fact that everyone has different capabilities yet how is it possible that certain people can progress at a faster rate than others and sometimes even with less effort. Surely, a part of the equation is education and the experiences one gains during their lifetime.
After all, knowledge and skills can indeed compound and that is why individuals who are masters of their craft usually practice or study from a very young age.
But does that mean it can be too late to acquire a new skill? Of course not. It could be argued that the reason why some people are able to progress at a much faster rate is their mindset about learning. Specifically, top performing individuals tend to have a GROWTH Mindset – the belief that there is always room for improvement of our capacities and talents. In fact, top performing individuals don’t place limits on their ability to improve.
Only by cultivating such a mindset can we reach our full potential.